ArtixScan F2 Studio Auto Focus with Silverfast


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The ArtixScan F2 captures sharp, astonishing and detailed images faster. With 4800-dpi optical CCD and the Auto Focus technology, it enables users to focus on a specific area on scanned reflective or films to get a sharper image.


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Only Microtek provides the Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.) for distortion-free glassless film scanning, efficiently eliminating any of problems associated with normal glass transparency scanning such as Newton rings and surface imperfection. Standard bundled with ScanWizard Pro for PC and Silverfast for Mac and PC makes this product even more fit for design, photography and printing requirements.

Auto Focus scan head delivers accurate scanning results
Twin scanbed with patented Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.)
Built-in film scanner with Snap Trans™ holders
Energy-saving LED light source
Standard bundled with LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast Ai Studio 8
ScanWizard™ Pro scanning software ( PC Only )
Tailor-made Scanning Software for Mac System

Technical Specification

Dmax: 4.4, A4 flatbed: 8.5″x14″ (216×356 legal), Transparency unit: 8″x10″, 6x Film Holder, 4800x9600dpi, 48Bit, USB2.0, Windows/Mac OS, LED, CCD. Bundled Software – ScanWizard (PC only), ScanPotter (Mac only), Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop Elements 8, Abbyy OCR, Silverfast Studio8, IT8 Target, EDIT Patent, Autofocus


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